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1 Estb. Circular 20/2013 : Granting of Salary Increments on Stagnation at the Maximum Step of the Salary Scale
2 Estb. Circular 19/2013 : Adoption of Public Administration Circular No.35/2013
3 Estb. Circular 18/2013 : Payment of special advance to university employees - 2014
4 Estb. Circular 17/2013 : Scheme of recruitment for the post of Computer Applications Assistant, Grade II
5 Estb. Circular 16/2013 : Flying the National Flag at half mast upon the demise of Nelson Mandela, the Former President of South Africa
6 Estb. Circular 15/2013 : Scheme of Recruitment for the Posts of Library Assistant Grade III, II, I and Staff Assistant/ Library Services & Senior Staff Assistant/ Library Services
7 Estb. Circular 14/2013 : Tailoring Fees for Official Uniforms
8 Estb. Circular13/2013 : Compensation for University Employees who suffer injury whilst on duty
9 Estb. Circular12/2013 : Providing Accommodation Facilities for Officers
10 Estb. Circular11/2013 : Granting of Special Leave during the Ramalan(Ramazan) Season - 2013
11 Estb. Circular10/2013 : Obtaining approval for appointment of Trainees
12 Estb. Circular 09/2013 : Utilization of income derived from violation of agreements and bonds entered into with universities by teachers who had gone on study leave
13 Estb. Circular 08/2013 : Payment of Language Proficiency Allowance
14 Estb. Circular 07/2013 : Fees and Travelling of Visiting Staff
15 Estb. Circular 06/2013 : Providing Protective Shoes to Employees of Non-Academic Non-Administrative Grades
16 Estb. Circular 05/2013 : Adoption of Public Administration Circulars
17 Estb. Circular 04/2013 : Common Guidelines to Be Followed By Universities and Higher Educational Institutes With Regard To Annual Verification of Assets
18 Estb. Circular 03/2013 : Recruitments to Non-Academic Non-Administrative Posts in the University System - Under Internal Category
19 Estb. Circular 02/2013 : Number Code of Commission Circulars
20 Estb. Circular 01/2013 : Assignment of Vehicles for the Post of Registrar of Universities

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