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1 Estab. Circular 17/2017 : Publishing of Advertisement and Selection Procedure for the Academic Staff
2 Estab. Circular 16/2017 : Recruitment to the posts of Lecturer (Probationary)/Senior Lecturer Grade II / Senior Lecturer Grade I in the Medical/Dental Category
3 Estab. Circular 15/2017 : Change of Sinhala term used for designation of the post of Technical Officer
4 Estab. Circular 08/2016(i) : Determining the effective date of promotion to the post of Senior Lecturer Grade II (Medical/Dental) in receipt of the Board Certification of the PGIM
5 Estab. Circular 14/2017 : Sabbatical Leave to Teachers and Officers
6 Estab. Circular 13/2017 : Applicability of Online Postgraduate Degrees for Recruitment, Confirmation and Promotion of Academic Staff
7 Estab. Circular 12/2017 : Adoption of Public Administration Circular No.31/(2001) (XII) - List of Names of Disciplinary Inquiry Officers
8 Estab. Circular 05/2016 (ii) : Issuing of Motor Vehicle Permits on Concessionary Terms
9 Estab. Circular 11/2017 : Leave for University Staff who could not report for duty due to floods, earth slips and obstructions of roads - May 2017
10 Estab. Circular 10/2017 : Using the Finger Scanners to confirm the Arrival and Departure
11 Estab. Circular 09/2017: Granting of Special Leave during the Ramalan (Ramazan) Season - 2017
12 Estab. Circular 08/2017 : Revision of Fees for Translations, Interpretations and Typing
13 Estab. Circular 07/2017 : Marking Scheme for MBBS Degree Programmes
14 Estab. Circular 06/2017 : Cadre Review of Public Institutions - 2017
15 Estab. Circular 05/2017 : Strict Adherence to rules pertaining to Examination By-Laws
16 Estab. Circular 04/2017 : Obtaining Services on Assignment basis for urgent work
17 Estab. Circular 03/2017 : Common Undergraduate Curriculum and a Testing Mechanism for English Proficiency (University Test of English Language - UTEL)
18 Estab. Circular 02/2017 : Adoption of Home Affairs Circular No. 01/2017 (i)
19 Estab. Circular 13/2015(i) : Transport Facilities for the Officers in Commercial Corporations, Statutory Boards and State Owned Companies
20 Estab. Circular 01/2017 : Policy decision to upgrade English Language Teaching Units/English Language Teaching Centers of Higher Educational Institutions/Institutes to English Language Teaching Departments

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