• Recognition of Foreign Universities as per the Commonwealth Yearbook and International Handbook of Universities
  • Recognition of Higher National Diploma in Accountancy (HNDA)
  • Recognition of degrees of Non-state Institutes as published by Gazette notifications

Instructions *

  1. Once the accurate information is furnished the request will be validated upon the payment of Rs. 2500.00/- for foreign universities and Rs. 2000.00/- for local Non - state and Higher National Diploma in Accountancy.
  3. The applicant should produce the original Degree Certificate/Provisional/Transcript upon the collection of the certificate of recognition.
  5. Certificate can only be collected during working days from 8.30a.m - 4.15p.m from the Academic Affairs Department.
  7. Please furnish accurate, valid information and contact details to facilitate in future correspondence.

Certified copy of the degree certificate (It must be certified by the Justice of Peace, Attorney at Law or Grama Sevaka)


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Declaration: *

  1. I agree that certificate of recognition will only be issued subject to submission of accurate documentary evidence and the payment as per the listing in the Commonwealth universities yearbook or International Handbook of universities.
  3. Submission of false information will lead to legitimate actions