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Criteria for Appointment of Members to University Councils

The University Grants Commission at its 1085th meeting held on 8th September, 2022 has approved the following criteria for the appointment of members to the University Councils/ BOM.

  1. Should possess a Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university or recognized professional qualification
    Should have outstanding records /performance at national/ international level and held/ is holding top level managerial positions in reputed institutions.
  2. Should be of high caliber and have rendered a distinguished service in educational, professional, commercial, industrial, scientific or administrative spheres for at least 10 years in a senior capacity (so that they could stand up to the senior academics in the Council)
  3. Should demonstrate an interest in higher education and possess a commendable grasp on policies, issues and challenges of the higher education sector.

Beside, due attention should be paid to ensure,

  1. Gender representation as appropriate
  2. Inclusion of members from administrative, financial/accounting and legal professions as far as possible.

    The attendance of members and their contribution to the decision making process of the Council/Board of Management and the institutional development should be assessed on an annual basis through a structured progress report obtained from them.


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