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Finance Circular Letter No: 07/2006

Finance  Circular  Letter  No: 7/2006

25th July, 2006.

Vice- Chancellors of Universities,
Directors of Institutes,
Rectors of Campuses.


Please find enclosed the following Government Circulars for compliance by all Higher Educational Institutions.

i.          Public Enterprises Circular No. PED/35 dated 17th January, 2006 - Payment of Allowances to Board Members.

ii.         Public Enterprises Circular No. PED/36 dated 9th June, 2006 - Annual Reports and Accounts for the year 2005.

iii.        Public Enterprises Circular No. PED/37 of 19th April, 2006 - Financial Discipline and Good Governance in Public Enterprises.

Prof . S.V.D. Gamini  Samaranayake

Cc:      1.         Chairman/UGC
2.         Vice-Chairman/UGC
3.         Secretary/UGC
4.         Financial Controller
5.         Director/IDD/UGC
6.         Registrars of Universities
7.         Bursars of Universities             
8.         SAR/AR/of Institutes/Campuses
9.         SAB/AB of institutes/Campuses
11         Accountant/UGC
12.        Chief Internal Auditor/UGC
13.        Sr.Asst. Accountant/UGC
14.        Sr.Asst.Secretary/Supplies & Administration/UGC
15.        Auditor General
16.        Govt. Audit Superintendent /UGC
17.        Govt. Audit Superintendent/Universities

Finance 7/-


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