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Finance Circular Letter No. 08/2006

16th   August, 2006

Vice-Chancellors  of Universities,
Directors of Institutes,
Rectors of Campuses.




At its meeting held on the 15th June, 2006, the Audit & Management Committee of the University Grants Commission noted that many Higher Educational Institutions by-pass the financial administration departments of the HEIs,  in the collection and disbursement of their earned income and project funds.  The committee noted that this is a highly irregular practice and decided to inform all HEIs that all earned income and project funds, belong to the Higher Educational Institution in terms of section  99(1)(d) of the Universities Act.   Furthermore,  in terms of section 101 of the Act, it is the Bursar of the Higher Educational Institution or an officer designated by him, who shall have authority to receive all moneys on behalf of the HEI, and make all authorized payments from the University Fund.

Vice-Chancellors and Directors of HEIs,  at the point of entering into contracts or agreements for consultancies or donor related  projects,  should therefore ensure, that all funds from these contracts are chanelled through the HEI, and that disbursements from such funds are handled by the office of the Bursar.

You are kindly requested to take action accordingly.

This circular is available on the UGC website

Prof. S.V.D.G. Samaranayake


1.         Chairman/UGC
2.         Vice-Chairman/UGC
3.         Secretary/UGC
4.         Financial Controller
5.         Director/IDD/UGC
6.         Registrars of Universities
7.         Bursars of Universities
8.         SAR/AR/of Institutes/Campuses
9.         SAB/AB of institutes/Campuses
10.       Accountant/UGC
11. Chief Internal Auditor/UGC
12.        Snr.Asst.Accountant/UGC
13.        Snr.Asst.Secretary/Supplies & Administration/UGC
14.        Auditor General
15. Govt. Audit Superintendent /UGC
16. Govt. Audit Superintendent/Universities