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பெற்றுக்கொள்ளப்படாத சேமலாப நிதியத்

University Grants Commission decided to publish the names of members who have not collected the refund cheques due to incompleteness of information mentioned in the refund applications.

If your name appears in the attached list, please fill "Form UR" and submit the form with certified copies of relevant documents to the Secretary/University Grants Commission through the University/Higher Educational Institute which you have last served.

Payments will be made either by cheque or directly credited to the member's bank account through SLIPS if the bank holding the account is registered in the "SLIPS".

Note: It is mandatory to mention the reference number appear in the list when forwarding the "Form UR" and certified copies of NIC/Passport & bank passbook need to be submitted.

Applications submitted without relevant documents and reference number will be rejected.


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