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Commission Circular No: 759

5th April, 2000.


Vice-Chancellors of Universities,
Rectors of Campuses,
Directors of Institutes.



Your kind attention is invited to the Commission Circular No.719 dated 17th October, 1997 amending Para 5 of Chapter X of the UGC Establishments Code. Para 5 has been amended by inclusion of the following sub-paragraphs immediately after sub-paragraph 5.7.

No pay maternity (Special Leave) 5.8 The female employee can be granted a maximum of 6 leave months of no-pay (special) maternity leave in respect of a child birth subject to a maximum of one year during her service provided she has satisfied the conditions stated at (a) and (b) given below and leave granted in terms of sub-paragraph 5.2 has exhausted.
(a) Where a Government Obstetrician and Gynaecologist certifies that the child was in an abnormal condition at the time of birth, and in circumstances where the normal maternity leave obtained in respect of such child is exhausted and a Government Pediatrician certifies that the child is still in that abnormal condition, and therefore mother's special personal care and attention is still essential for the child.
(b) In circumstances where a Government Obstetrician and Gynaecologist certifies that on account of complications arising out of child birth the mother needs further rest.
5.8.1 Except in circumstances mentioned in 5.8 (b), this leave will be approved only if the child is living . As this leave was obtained for the purpose of looking after the child, in the event of the death of the child such leave will be treated as cancelled after seven days from the date of the death of the child.
5.8.2 When approving misleave, the female employee should be required to sign the agreement shown in annexure 01.
5.8.3 A female employee will be subject to a period of compulsory service equal to twice the
no-pay leave obtained by her.
5.8.4 If the female employee falls to complete the compulsory period of service in terms of the agreement , she will be subject to a penalty deduction of one third of the salary she received at the date of her applications for leave in respect of each month she failed to serve during the compulsory period of service.
5.8.5 Leave granted in terms of the above rules should not be a constraint for salary increments and for pensions purposes. Such leave should also not be an obstacle for consideration in connection with promotions due to vacancies occurring and promotions during the period of no - pay leave.
5.8.6 When a female employee wishes to get a portion of this leave cancelled and to report for duty, she can do so after informing the Head of the Institution.
5.8.7 If it appears that the female employee is utilizing this leave for purposes not contemplated in Section 5.8 (a) and (b), such leave will be subject to cancellation and she will be required to report for duty immediately.
5.8.8 In calculating leave granted under these provisions, Public holidays, Saturdays , Sundays and Special Leave granted to the University System falling within the period of leave should be included.
5.8.9 Before granting leave under these provisions , the Head of me Institution concerned should make satisfactory arrangements for the regular recovery of any monthly installments in
respect of loans or advances given to the employee.

( Prof. S. TILAKARATNA - Chairman )


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File No: UGC/HR/2/10/12