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Commission Circular No: 763

09th May, 2000.


Vice-Chancellors of Universities,
Rectors of Campuses,
Directors of Institutes.



Your kind attention is invited to Commission Circular No.622 of 09.03.1995 on scheme of recruitment of the post of Technical Officer.

The University Grants Commission at its 551st meeting held on 12 th November 1999 decided to amend the qualifications applicable to the external applicants for recruitment to the post of Technical Officer Grade 11 Seg "B". The amended scheme of recruitment is annexed herewith.

This replaces the existing qualifications for external applicants of the post of Technical Officer Gr ll Seg "B" stipulated in Commission Circular No.622 with effect from 15th May 2000.

Please take action accordingly.

( Prof. S. TILAKARATNA - Chairman )


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File No: UGC/HR/2/3/58

Post & Salary Code Method Of Recruitment Qualifications
Technical Officer, Gr II Seg. "B" A-08 If n o suitable applicants are available internally by recruitment externally following the procedure approved by the Government.
Selection by practical test and interview.
1. (a) Three (03) G.C.E. (Advanced Level) passes in Science subjects in one sitting; Subject combination(s) to be decided by the faculty concerned upon t he recommendation of the Department.


(b) Passed a skill oriented formal programme of training relevant to the post of at least one year (full-time) duration or equivalent. The acceptability of the training programme for this purpose shall be judged by the faculty concerned.

2. Age - Not more than 35 years.

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