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University Grants Commission - Sri Lanka

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Universities Act - Part V


28. (1) Upon the coming into force of a University Order made under section 21, a University shall be deemed to have been established with the name and style assigned to it by that Order, and with full power and University Order and general powers of a University.
    authority -
    (a) in such name, to sue and to be sued in all courts;
    (b) to alter the seal at its pleasure;
    (c) to acquire by way of purchase or otherwise, property, both movable and immovable, and to take, accept and hold any such property which may become vested in it by virtue of any such purchase, or by any grant or donation, lease, testamentary disposition or otherwise;
    (d) to sell, hypothecate, lease, exchange or otherwise dispose of any such property:

Provided, however, that any scale, hypothecation, lease, exchange or other disposition of any such property shall be invalid if the same is made in contravention of any restriction, condition or prohibition imposed by law or by any appropriate Instrument or Order, by which any such property was vested in the University; and

    (e) to exercise, perform and discharge all such powers, duties and functions as may be conferred or imposed on, or assigned to, the University by this Act or any appropriate Instrument.  
  (2) The powers conferred on a University by the preceding provisions of this section shall, unless otherwise expressly provided by this Act or any appropriate Instrument, be exercised by its Council.  
29. Subject to the powers, duties and functions of the Commission, a University shall have power - Powers of a University.
  (a) to admit students and to provide for instruction in any approved branch of learning;
  (b) to hold examinations for the purpose of ascertaining the persons who have acquired proficiency in different branches of learning;
  (c) to co-operate, by way of exchange of teachers, students and scholars or otherwise, with other Universities or institutions in Sri Lanka or abroad, having objects similar or substantially similar to those of the University;
  (d) to provide postgraduate courses, and for this purpose, to co-operate with other universities or authorities in Sri Lanka or abroad, in such manner and for such purposes as the University may determine;  
  (e) to grant and confer degrees, diplomas and other academic distinctions to and on persons who have pursued approved courses of study in the University or in any recognized institution and who have passed the examinations of the University prescribed by By-law;  
  (f) to conduct with the concurrence of the Commission, external examinations for enabling those who are not students of the University or of any recognized institution to obtain degrees, diplomas, and other academic distinctions of the University;  
  (g) to grant and to confer with the concurrence of the Commission, degrees, diplomas, and other academic distinctions, to and on persons who, not being students of the University or of any recognized institution, shall have passed the external examinations of the University;  
  (h) to admit graduates or students of other Universities to equal or similar degrees and courses of study in the University on such conditions as may be prescribed by By-law and to register them as graduates or students of the University;  
  (i) to confer honorary degrees or other academic distinctions on persons recommended by the Senate of the University and approved by the Council of such University;  
  (j) to recognize the examinations passed and periods of learning or study pursued by persons seeking admission to, or by students of, the University at other universities or places of learning of university status as are equivalent to such examinations and periods of learning or study in the University, or such part thereof, as may be prescribed by By-law, and to withdraw such recognition at any time;  
  (k) to erect, equip, and maintain for the purpose of the University, libraries, laboratories and other buildings whether for instructional or residential purposes;  
  (l) to recommend to the Commission the institution of Professorships, Associate Professorships, Senior Lectureships or Lectureships, and other posts as may be required for the purposes of the University; [S 29(l), 7 of 1985]
  (m) to institute and award fellowships, scholarships, exhibitions, bursaries, medals and other prizes;  
  (n) to regulate and provide for the residence, discipline and well-being of students and teachers, officers and other employees of the University;  
  (o) to establish and manage halls of residence, to licence lodging-houses providing residential facilities to students and to provide such other services and facilities as may be necessary for the residence of students of the University;  
  (p) to assist students of the University to obtain loans from banks and other agencies in accordance with By-laws providing for the same;  
  (q) to provide for extension services to the general public, including employees and school-leavers, in trades and industry and in accordance with any By-law providing for the same;  
  (r) to make arrangements for conducting courses or parts of courses in educational institutions outside the University, in accordance with any By-law providing for the same;  
  (s) to demand and receive fees in accordance with any Regulation providing for the same; and  
  (t) to do all such other acts and things, whether incidental to the powers aforesaid or not, as may be requisite in order to further the objects of the University.  
30. Subject to the provisions of sections 29(c) and 31, a University shall be open to all persons of either sex and whatever race, creed or class, who are citizens of Sri Lanka, and other persons who are lawfully in Sri Lanka, and no test of religious belief or profession shall be adopted or imposed in order to entitle any such person to be admitted as a teacher or student of the University, or to hold any appointment therein or to graduate thereat or to hold, enjoy or exercise any advantage or privilege thereof. Distinctions of race, creed, class or religion prohibited.
31. Nothing in the provisions of section 30 shall be deemed or construed to prevent religious instruction being given in a University in any manner which may be prescribed by By-law, to those willing to receive it, by persons approved for that purpose by its Council. Certain restrictions on the application of section 30.

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