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Commission Circular No: 824

21st April 2003.


Vice-Chancellors of Universities,
Rectors of Campuses,
Directors of Institutes.


Payments For External Examinations

Your kind attention is invited to Commission Circular No:751 dated 27th April 2000 issued in respect to payment for the External Examinations.

The University Grants Commission at its 629th meeting held on 13.03.2003 decided to revise the existing rates of payment in respect of the External Examinations as follows, subject to the following three conditions.

Condition 1

Revised rates of Payments could be made only out of generated/earned income from the External Degree/Diploma and related programmes conducted by your University/Campus/Institute.

Condition 2

Additional intensive payment of Rs.5/- per script could be paid to examiners for submitting the marks of the respective paper within a period of four months from the date, the answer scripts are delivered to the respective department

Condition 3

Each Examiner is allowed to mark a maximum of 500 answer scripts per examination in order to meet the objective of condition 2.

The Revised Rates of Payments are given below :-

(1) Payments to Examiners for Setting/Translating & Marking of Scripts
(i) First Examination Present Rate Rs Revised Rate Rs
(a) Setting a paper including proof reading for a paper of 3 hour duration. 500.00 750.00
(b) Translating a paper including proof reading
(per paper)
120.00 250
(c) Moderating/Scrutinizing (per paper) 60.00 250
(i) Marking a script (per script) - full time employee of the University
(ii) When the Examiner is not a full time employee of the university
20.00 30
(e) Setting, Marking & Correcting a practical paper per Examiner for a group of 20 candidates or less (02 Examiners per paper) 500.00 500.00

(i) Final Examination Present Rate Rs Revised Rate Rs
(a) Setting a paper including proofreading (per paper) 600.00 1000.00
(b) Moderating / Scrutinizing (per paper) 150.00 500.00
(c) Translating a paper (including proofreading) (per paper) 30.00 40.00
(i) Marking a script- full time employee of the University
(ii) Marking a script - when the examiner is not a full time employee of the University
30.00 30.00
(e) Second Examiner (per paper) The Minimum Payment for a Second Examiner for marking scripts. 120.00 200.00
(f) Setting, Marking and conducting a practical paper Composite fee for an Examiner for a group of 10 candidates or less (maximum 02 Examiners) for a 3 hour session. 600.00 600.00

(Prof. B.R.R.N Mendis- Chairman)


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File No. UGC/HR/2/9/86


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