YOUAREHERE கொள்கை பல்கலைக்கழகங்கள் சட்டம் 1978 ஆம் ஆண்டின் 16 ஆம் இலக்க பல்கலைக்கழகங்கள் சட்டம்

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Universities Act - Preface


This unofficial edition of the Universities Act, No. 16 of 1978 incorporates all amendments made up to January 23, 1995 viz.
Universities (Amendment) Act, No. 7 of 1985
Universities (Amendment) Act, No. 24 of 1988
Universities (Amendment) Act, No. 26 of 1988
Universities (Amendment) Act, No. 33 of 1988
Universities (Amendment) Act, No. 3 of 1989
Universities (Amendment) Act, No. 1 of 1995
It is however, not a statutory edition. It is only issued for purposes of convenience.
The marginal notes in square brackets of the text indicate the particular amendments to the Universities Act, No. 16 of 1978 by which such amendments have been made

In instruction of Professor S Tilakaratna, former UGC Chairman This project was initiated by Miss. T.H.P. Wickramasinghe, Deputy Secretary, Legal & Documentation with the assistance of Mrs Visaka Wanasinghe/Asst Secretary Legal, Mrs. Deepthika Ranasinghe, Mrs. Asiri Rupasinghe, Mrs. Padma Munasinghe and Mr. Sunil Illangaratne of the Legal Division, UGC.

The preparation of the electronic version of this document was undertaken by Mr MGW Suraweera, Head, Management Information Systems Division with the assistance of Mrs PV Damayanthi/Asst Statistician, Mrs Rohini Basnayaka, and Mrs Dammika Tennakoon of his division.

I wish to thank Mr Suraweera, Miss Wikramasinghe and their devoted staff for their magnificent effort in producing this important document.


(Prof. BRRN Mendis)

University Grants Commission
August 30th , 2002


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