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Commission Circular No: 574

18th June, 1993.



Vice-Chancellors of Universities,
Directors of Institutes.
Directors of Affliated University Colleges


The University Grants Commission at its 386th Meeting held on 25th May 1993 approved the adoption of the Public Administration Circular No.9/93 of 12th May 1993 on payment of Additional Allowances to Public Servants and Pensioners. A copy of the Public Administration Circular is attached hereto for your information and compliance.

The University Grants Commission has decided to implement the provisions of this Circular on the following basis:

(a) A monthly allowance of Rs.600/- p.m. will be paid to all University employees in the Salary Codes of A, B, BS, C ,C A and CS with effect from 1st June 1993 in terms of the provisions of Public Administration Circular No.9/93 dated 12th May 1993.

(b) This allowance should also be paid to all Temporary/Casual daily paid employees at the rate of 1/21 of the allowance multiplied by the number of days worked, subject to a maximum of 21 days.

The following Commission Circulars, Public Administration Circulars/Establishment Circular Letters are withdrawn with effect from 1st June 1993:

(i) Commission Circular No.506 dated 21st January 1992 and Commission Circular No.510 of 31st March, 1992;

(ii) Commission Circular No.534 dated 4th August 1992;

(iii) Commission Circular No.565 dated 15th March 1993;

(iv) Establishments Circular Letter No.6/90 dated 16th January 1990 (P.A. Circular No.63/89) ;

(v) Establishments Circular Letter No.19/90 dated 14th May 1990;

(vi) Establishments Circular Letter No.44/90 dated 5th December 1990 (P.A. Circular No.50/90 dated 29th November 1990);

(vii) Establishments Circular Letter No.5/92 dated 3rd February 1992 (P.A. Circular No.01/92 dated 9th January 1992) .

(viii) Establishments Circular Letters No.21/ 1992 dated 10th June 1992 and 37/1992 dated 18th December 1992. (P.A. Circular No.5 D /90(i) dated 25th December 1991; No 50/90 t( ii) dated 26th March 1992 and No.50/90(iii) dated 25th September 1992).

If an employee on promotion/appointment to a higher grade has not received the full benefit of Rs.600/- , then the difference between Rs.600 /- and the actual allowances considered for placement on the salary point should be paid as an allowance (he/she is not entitled to the full allowance in terms of P.A. Circular No.9/93).

If an employee on promotion/appointment to a higher grade has not received a part or the full benefit of Rs.600 /-, then the total allowance of Rs.600/- should be paid.

This allowance of Rs.600 /- should not be considered for the calculation of the Backlog Clearing Allowance. In the case of employees who will be paid the difference as stipulated in paragraph 4 above, the total amount of Rs.600 /- should not be taken into consideration for the purpose of calculating the Backlog Clearing Allowance .

( Prof .A.P.R. ALUWIHARE - Chairman )


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File No: UGC/E/6/9/86


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