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Commission Circular No: 585

24th September, 1993.



Vice-Chancellors of Universities,
Directors of Institutes.
Directors of Affliated University Colleges


This Circular has been modified by Circular No : 700

In order to simplify and expedite matters relating to building programmes and new projects, the University Grants Commission has decided that all Universities, Institutes and Affiliated University Colleges, should in future adhere to the following procedure.

Once a new project is approved by the Council/ Board of Management(Building programmes etc.), Higher Educational Institutions will prepare the project proposal in the format approved by the Department of National Planning, with additional details required by the University Grants Commission, and submit 3 copies to the Secretary, University Grants Commission. (The approved format has been sent to all HEIs in our letter reference UGC/F/PIP/87 of 2nd September 1987).

The Secretary/University Grants Commission will distribute copies to the Director, Planning & Research (who will co- ordinate new projects in future), the Financial Controller and the Additional Secretary, Academic.

The Additional Secretary, Academic will submit his observations to the Director, Planning & Research regarding the academic component of the project, whether it fits into the overall academic plan and policies of the UGC etc. ,

The Financial Controller will submit observations to Director Planning &. Research regarding the financial implications, and viability of the project.

The Director, Planning & Research will submit the project, along with his observations, to the UGC for approval.

The decision of the UGC will be conveyed to the HEI by the Director, Planning & Research.

Periodically, the Director Planning & Research will list out all approved projects and obtain the priority order from the UGC.

Director, Planning & Research will submit the priority list of all approved project s (with 3 copies of each proposal) to the Committee of Development Secretaries through the Ministry of Higher Education or another relevant authority. It will be the responsibility of the HEI to follow up with the relevant authorities (Department of National Planning) to obtain approval for the project.

Once the project is approved by the Committee of Development Secretaries/appropriate authorities, SAS, Ministry of Higher Education will convey the decision to the UGC and to the relevant HEI .

The Financial Controller will seek Treasury concurrence and commitment for funds for the implementation of the project.

The HEI concerned should prepare a draft Cabinet Memorandum for approval of the project by the Cabinet and submit it to the Secretary, Ministry of Higher Education through the UGC. This will be coordinated by the Director, Planning & Research.

The Ministry will take action to obtain the approval of the Cabinet and inform the decision to the HEI, with a copy to UGC.

The HEI should initiate the implementation procedure, viz., appointment of consultants, preparation of BOQ, Plans etc., in the case of building projects and follow the normal procedure for appointment of Tender Board and award of contract.

If the TEC of a building project needs revision, Cabinet Memorandum must be prepared by HEI and forwarded to the Ministry of Higher Education. When the revision is approved, the Ministry will convey this decision to the HEI.

When HEIs submit their annual estimates to the UGC, copies of approval for new projects and approval for revised TECs should be forwarded to Financial Controller, if they require funding for such projects.

Special Intake and Hostel Projects

Initial procedure is the same, up to approval by the University Grants Commission.

Once the University Grants Commission approval is conveyed to the Higher Educational Institutions, tender documents along with BOQs should be submitted directly to the Secretary Higher Education, who will place them before the special Cabinet appointed Tender Board and Technical Evaluation Committee for special intake projects, up to Rs. 20 million. (Projects upto Rs. 20 million need not be submitted to the Committee of Development Secretaries).

Once the tender documents are approved, tenders may be called by the Higher Educational Institution and submitted direct to the Secretary Higher Education, for selection of a contractor by the Special Tender Board.

If the value of the tender is above Rs. 5 million, the HEI must prepare a Cabinet Memorandum to obtain Cabinet approval for the award, and forward it directly to the Secretary Higher Education.

It should go through the normal approval procedure of the Committee of Secretaries and Cabinet.

It will be the responsibility of the HEI to ensure that the project is completed on time.

Kindly note to follow the above procedure with immediate effect.

( mrs.c.s. karunaratna - secretary )


  • Chairman/UGC
  • Vice-Chairman/UGC
  • Members of the UGC
  • Secretary/UGC
  • Deans of Faculties
  • Registrars of Universites
  • Financial Controller/UGC
  • Bursars of Universities
  • Librarians/SAL/AL of the Higher Educational Institutions/Institutes;
  • Snr. Asst.Registrars/Asst.Registrars of HEIs/Campuses
  • Snr. Asst.Bursars/Asst.Bursars of HEIs/Campuses
  • Chief Internal Auditor/UGC
  • Govt. Audit Superintendents of Universities
  • Snr. Asst.Int. Auditors/Asst.Int.Auditors of HEIs
  • Secretary/FUTA
  • Secretary/UEOA
  • Secretary/IUTUF
  • Auditor-General

File No: UGC/HR/2/3/58