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Commission Circular No: 69

3rd April, 1980.

Vice-Chancellors of Universities
Director, Ruhuna University College
Directors of Institutes .



The opinions of the Attorney-General were sought as to:

1. Whether the University Grants commission and the higher Educational Institutions were Public Corporations; and

2. Whether Circulars and Circular Letters issued by Ministries and departments thereunder, containing decisions and instructions binding on department, Public Corporations and statutory bodies, were binding on the University Grants Commission and the Higher Educational Institutions.

(2) In regard to the issue at (1) above, the Attorney-General has ruled that the University Grants commission and each Higher Educational Institution is a Public Corporation within the ambit of article 170 of the Constitution of the Democratic socialist republic of Sri Lanka.

(3) As for (2) above, the Attorney-General has expressed the opinion that where such Circulars and Circular Letters deal with the management of internal affairs of the University grants Commission and the Higher Educational Institutions, the provisions of the Universities Act, No. 16 of 1978 will supercede instructions contained in such Circulars and circular Letters, but that it was open to the commission and the Higher Educational Institutions to adopt and to act upon any such instructions as are not inconsistent with the provisions of the aforesaid Act.

(4) The Commission will continue to adopt such circulars and circular letters which in its opinion ought to be adopted and to inform the Higher Educational Institutions accordingly.


( Secretary )



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