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Commission Circular No: 730

06th May, 1998.


Vice-Chancellors of Universities,
Rectors of Campuses,
Directors of Institutes.




This is further to Commission Circular No.705 dated 25th March 1997 issued on the above subject.

The University Grants Commission at its 508th meeting held on 16th January 1998 has approved granting of 03 increments entitled to Technical Grades, to the Pharmacists as informed by the Secretary, Ministry of Finance and Planning by his letter dated March 18, 1997.

Accordingly, the para 05 of Commission Circular 705 has been deleted and the amended list of posts/grades entitled to 03 increments is re - produced in Annex 1.

If an employee has already reached or is reaching the maximum of the relevant salary scale he should be given the benefit of 03 increments based on the last increment paid to him.

Three increments granted to Technical Grades including Pharmacists are not counted for promoting employees to the next higher grade on reaching maximum of the salary scale specified in the approved Scheme of Recruitment.

The other provisions of Commission Circular No.705 will remain unchanged.

The provisions of this circular are effective from 01.01.1997.

Please take action accordingly.


(Prof. S. Tilakaratna-Chairman)


  • Chairman/UGC
  • Vice-Chairman/UGC
  • Members of the UGC
  • Secretary/UGC
  • Deans of Faculties
  • Registrars of Universities
  • Financial Controller/UGC
  • Bursars of Universities
  • Librarians/SAL/AL of the Higher Education al institutions/Institutes
  • Snr.Asst.Registrars/Asst.Registrars of HEI/Campuses
  • Snr.Asst.Bursars/Asst.Bursars of HEI/Campuses
  • Chief Inte rn al Auditor/UGC
  • Govt.Audit Superintendents of Universities
  • Snr.Asst.Int.Auditors/Asst.Int.Auditors of HEIs
  • Secretaries of Trade Unions
  • Auditor General



    Annex- 1
    Assistant Farm Manager A-8
    Comp u ter Operator (Lower Grade) A-8
    Computer Operator (Higher Grade) A-6
    Computer Programmer A-6/A-5
    Dairy Assistant/Animal Husbandry (Lower Grade) A-9
    Dairy Assistant/Animal Husbandry (Higher Grade) A-7
    Dairy Manager (Lower Grade) A-8
    Dairy Manager (Higher Grade) A-6
    Trainee Nursing Officer- Dental -
    Nursing Officer (Dental) (Gr 11) A-8
    Nursing Officer (Dental)(Gr .1) A-6
    Nursing Officer(D ental)(Supra Grade) A-5
    Draughtsman (Lower Grade) A-8
    Draughts man (Higher Grade) A-6
    Farm Mechanisation Assistant(Lower Grade) A-9
    Farm Mechanisation Assistant(Higher Grade) A-7
    Farm Supervisor(Lower Grade) A-7
    Farm Supervisor(Higher Grade) A-6
    Field Supervisor (Gr II) A-9
    Field Supervisor (Gr I) A-7
    Forman Carpentry (Lower Grade)
    Forman Carpentry (Higher Grade)
    Landscape Superintendent
    Matron / Public Health Nurse
    Matron/Dental School
    Nursing Officer (Gr.11)
    Nursing Officer (Gr.1)
    Pharmacist (Lower Grade)
    Pharmacist (Higher Grade) A-6
    Public Health Inspector (Gr.III) A-8
    Public Health Inspector (Gr.II) A-6
    Public Health Inspector (Gr 1 ) A-5
    Supervisor - Civil/Electrical/Landscape (Lower Grade ) A-9
    Supervisor- Civil/Electrical/Landscape (Higher Grade) A-7
    Supervisor - Civil/Electrical/Landscape (Supra Grade) A-6
    Trainee Technical Officer -
    Technical Officer(Gr.II 'Sg' B) A-8
    Technical Officer(Gr.II 'Sg' A) A-7
    Technical Officer(Gr I) A-6
    Technical Officer(Supra Grade) A-5
    Works Superintendent (Gr II) -
    Civil/Electrical/Workshop/Water Works
    Works Superin t endent (Gr I) A-5
    Electronic Equipment Technician A-5
    Audio Visual Technical Officer (Gr II) A-5
    Technical Assistant A-8
    Litho Artist A-5
    Li.tho Machine Operator A-5
    (Graphic/Process) Camera Operator A-5
    Layout and Plate Maker A-5
    Book Binder (Press) A-8
    Forman (Machines/Composing/Binding) A-6(a)
    Press Assis t ant A-6
    Mono Key-Board Operator A-8
    Proof Reader (Press) A-8
    Type Setter(Lower Grade) A-7



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