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Commission Circular No: 737

18th August, 1998.


Vice-Chancellors of Universities,
Rectors of Campuses,
Directors of Institutes.



University Grants Commission, having considered the recommendations made by the Committee of Vice-Chancellors and Directors(CVCD), decided at its 509th meeting held on 20th February 1998 that the Higher Educational Institutions should adhere to the following procedures with regard to the utilization of income derived from violated agreements and bonds.

All receipts on account of the violation of agreements and bonds shall be invested in interest earning assets such as fixed deposits and Treasury Bills and only the interest earned ftom such investments should be utilized for disbursement.

Interest income generated from violated agreements and bonds may be utilized for the following purposes.


(i) Short term training programmes/works shops for universities (including relevant officers).
(ii) Provision of assistance to teachers to present papers at conferences.
(iii) Provision of assistmce for research and publication.
(iv) Provision of assistance for organizing conferences/seminars/worksshops loccally.

As far as possible assistance provided under this scheme should be made as partial support for the relevant purpose rather than full support. All such assistance should have been approved prior to the comencement of activity for which assistance has been sought.

Councils of Higher Educational Institutions are authorized to determine the quantum of assistance to be provided to a member of staff and the mode of payment, subject to para 5 below, on the recommendation of the Study Leave Committee or any other relevant statutory conunittee.

The following upper limits shall apply to the quantum of assistance provided under this scheme at a given time.

(i) Short term trainning programme or workshop RS. 100,000/=
(ii) Presenting a paper at a conference held in a foreign country Rs.40,000/-
(iii) Assistance for publications Rs.5O,OOO/-
(iv) Cost of conference/workshop/seminar organized locally Rs 50,000/-

Assistance under category (i), (ii), (iii) and (iv) under para 5 above is allowed to any teacher only once in every five years
Assistance for overseas study/training programmes and to attend conference/seminars overseas would cover one or more of the following.
(i) Airfare
(ii) Airport taxes
(iii) Visa fees
(iv) Living expenses
(v) Course/conference/training/workshop fees

Provision of assistance for short term programmes would enable Higher Educational Institutions to provide opportunities to a larger number of personnel under this scheme. Therefore Higher Educational Institutions are advised to give priority consideration to sponsor short term programmes. However Higher Educational Institutions are not debarred from utilizing the income generated from violated agreements & bonds to sponsor teachers involved in postgraduate studies based on institutional needs.

Under this scheme assistance for training programmes should mainly be provided to teachers (and relevant officers) who are in the junior categories and to those who have had no opportunity for overseas study/training. When granting assistance to attend conferences priority should be given to teachers (and relevant officers) in the senior categories.

UGC Circulars No.354 of 02.11.1987 and No.407 of 05.09.1989 are hereby rescinded. Please take action accordingly.

(Prof. S. Tilakaratna- Chairman )


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File No. UGC/CIA/SS/01/87