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Commission Circular No: 255

28th March, 1984.


Vice-Chancellors of Universities,
Directors of Institutes.


Reference is requested to UGC Circular No. 142 dated 10th September, 1961.
2. At its 147,th meeting held on 23rd December, 1983 the UGC having reconsidered the scheme of recruitment applicable to the post of Public Health Inspector decided to create an additional grade in the Public Health Inspect service as Grade I and re-designate the existing higher grade and the lower grade as Grade II and Grade III respectively.
3. Accordingly the existing grades in the Public Health Inspectors services are re-designated as follows:-
Present Designation New Designation Salary Scale
Higher Grade
Grade II
Rs.1210 - 6x30 - Rs. 1390 p.m.
Lower Grade Grade III Rs. 880 - 9x20 - 5x25 - 1185 p.m.
4. The additional grade will be Grade I with the salary scale Rs. 1420 - 10x40 - 1820 p.m.
5. The Scheme of Recruitment applicable to Public Health Inspector Grade approved at the 147th meeting of the UGC is annexed.
6. Please take action to re-designate the Public Health Inspectors in yo Institution in accordance with this Circular.




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