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Commission Circular No: 696

27th January 1997

Vice-Chancellors of Universities
Directors of Institutes.
Directors of Affliated University Colleges


Your attention is invited to University Grants Commission Circular No.569 dated 05th April 1993, on the above subject.

The University Grants Commission, at its 472nd meeting held on 14th June 1996, having taken into consideration recommendations made by the Committee of Vice-chancellors & Directors, has decided that all employees in the University System who have completed a period of satisfactory continuous service of 25 years or more in the Higher Educational Institutions/Institutes/AUCs/Campuses/UGC be rewarded on the following basis in recognition of their continuous service to the University System.

(a) 25 years of meritorious service Rs. 5,000 /- and a Bronze Medal
(b) 30 years of meritorious service Rs. 7,500 /- and a Silver Medal
(c) 35 years of meritorious service Rs.10,000/- and a Gold plated Medal
(d) 40 years of meritorious service Rs.15,000/- and a Wall Plaque

Governing Authorities are authorised to make their own decisions relat ing to the design, size, model and the nature of the medal/plaque, provided the cost does not exceed Rs.1,500/-. Please note that only one medal/plaque should be awarded to an employee during his/her career.

The basis of payment will be as follows-

(i) This will be a once and for all payment for all teacher/non teacher grades of employees in the University System.

(ii) An employee who has received Rs.5,000/- for 25 years meritorious service can claim for meritorious service of 30 years, 35 years and 40 years or above. However, they will be entitled only to the balance payment, ie. Rs.7500 - 5000 » Rs.2500/- or Rs.10,000 - 7500 = Rs.2500./- Or Rs.15,000 - 1 0,000 = Rs.5000/- as the case may be.

(iii) Those who are in receipt of long service allowance of Rs.100/-p.m on completion of 20 years of service will continue to receive Rs.100/- p.m. and will also be eligible to receive the long service award on the same basis.

It will be the responsibility of the Council to establish the genuineness of the continuous period of meritorious service of the employees concerned and the Governing Authorities will be accountable for any errors that may arise in making the payments.

Please make payments on this basis effective from 01st January 1997.

All previous Circular instructions issued in connection with presentation of Long Service Award are hereby rescinded.

( prof.s.thilakaratna - chairman)


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File No: UGC/HR/3/9/87