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University Grants Commission - Sri Lanka

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Commission Circular No: 722

24th November 1997

Vice-Chancellors of Universities,
Rectors of Campuses,
Directors of Institutes.


This Circular has been modified by Circular No : 751

I wish to draw your kind attention to items 6 a.(v) and b.(v) appearing on Page 3 of Commission Circular No.635 dated 14.07.1995.

The University Grants Commission at its 499th meeting decided to enhance the rates of payment made to Hall Attendants handling External Examination Work in the following manner with effect from 01.09.1997 and to amend Commission Circular No. 635 accordingly.

6. a. For a single session of three or less than three hours duration

(v) Hall Attendant - Rs.50/-

b. For each additional hour over three hours

(v) Hall Attendant - Rs.ll/-

(Prof. S Tilakaratna-CHAIRMAN)


  • Chairman/UGC
  • Vice-Chairman/UGC
  • Members of the UGC
  • Secretary/UGC
  • Deans of all Faculties
  • Registrars of Universities
  • Financial Controller/UGC
  • Bursars of Universities
  • Librarians/SAL/AL of the Higher Educational Institutions/Institutes
  • Snr. Asst.Registrars/Asst. Registrars of HEIs/Institutes/AUCs/Campuses
  • Snr. Asst.Bursars/Asst. Bursars of HEI/ Campuses
  • Chief Internal Auditor/UGC
  • Govt. Audit Superintendents of Universities
  • Snr.Asst. Int. Auditors/Asst. Int. Auditors of HEI's
  • Secretaries of Trade Unions
  • Auditor General

Our Ref : UGC/AC /05/Ol /46(EXT)