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Finance Circular Letter No. 7/2009

22nd September, 2009

Vice-Chancellors of Universities,
Directors of Institutes,
Rectors of Campuses.



You are kindly requested to instruct the relevant officers to submit the contribution and loan recovery lists as stipulated below to enable the University Grants Commission to issue the Provident Fund Statements in time. Prolonged delays in submitting contribution lists and Loan recoveries may cause unnecessary delays which would adversely affect the contributors in getting their loans and retirement benefits. Hence all Higher Educational Institutions are requested to follow the following procedure;

2. A. 2009 Contribution lists & Loan Recoveries

  • All Contribution lists for Provident Fund/Pension , Loan recovery lists, and relevant Data diskettes up to end of November 2009 should be handed over to the University Grants Commission or ensured that they reach the University Grants Commission Office on or before 15th of December 2009.

  • All Contribution lists for Provident Fund/Pension, Loan recovery lists and relevant Diskettes up to end of December 2009 should be handed over to the University Grants Commission or ensured that they reach the University Grants Commission Office on or before 15th January 2010.

B. Release of Provident Fund Loan Funds & Refunds in 2010

    All requests for Provident Fund Loans for the month of January 2010, Provident Fund Refund papers, and application for Universities Pension payments for 2010 should be sent to the University Grants Commission only after submission of 2009 contribution and loan recovery lists as stated in A above.

C. Any requests for Loans and refunds in 2010, submitted in contravention of above guide lines would be rejected and returned.

3. Bursar and the other relevant Accounting Officers should pay special attention to the following when preparing the Provident Fund data Diskettes for December 2009.

A. All the changes that have taken place in Designations, and Departments of the employees of your Institution/Institute up to 31st December 2009 should be taken into consideration when preparing the Data Diskettes for December 2009. University Grants Commission Secretariat will update the computer records with such data only on an annual basis, based on the Data Diskette provided by you for December 2009. Hence any requests from individuals for changes in Departments/Designations etc. will not be entertained during the year.

B. The officers in charge of Personal Files also should indicate to the Bursar's Department any changes in Designations and Departments during year 2009 , so that they could incorporate such information in the data Diskette for December 2009.

C. If there is any difference in individual names according to your records and the year end Provident Fund information released by the University Grants Commission, correction of such should not be done in the diskettes. Immediate action should be taken to correct the names according to the instructions given in Finance Circular letter No.13/2000 para (1).


Tissa Nandasena


1. Chairman/UGC
2. Vice-Chairman/UGC
3. Secretary/UGC
4. Financial Controller/UGC
5. Registrars of Universities
6. Bursars of Universities
7. Snr.Asst./Asst. Registrars of Institutes/Campuses
8. Snr.Asst./Asst. Bursars of Institutes/Campuses
9. Chief Internal Auditor/UGC
10. Accountant/UGC
11. Deputy Accountant/UGC
12. Snr.Asst./Asst. Internal Auditors of Universities
13. Snr.Asst. Secretary/ Personnel
14. Asst. Accountant/Pension
15. Auditor General