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Commission Circular No: 392

10th January, 1989.


Vice-Chancellors of Universities,
Directors of Institutes.


Further to Commission Circular No. 368 of 17th May 1988, I have to inform you that the Salaries & Cadres Committee in its report No.81 dated 6th September 1988 recommended that :

"from the initial of the grade of Senior Lecturer (Grade II), University medical teachers should be paid, as an allowance, the difference between the salary drawn by them and the corresponding salary point and pensionable allowance of the Consultants in the Ministries of Health and Teaching Hospitals. The Committee notes that the amount of such allowance at the initial of the grade of Senior Lecturer (Grade II), would be Rs.5400 / - per month."

The Cabinet at its meeting held on 14th September 1988 approved this recommendation and subsequently decided to extend this concession to the teachers of Dental Science as well.

The salary payable to specialists in the Ministries of Health and Teaching Hospitals based on Public Administration Circular No.387-vide table R-10-5 is as follows:-

Rs. 8000 - 8 x 500 - 12000 p.m.

In addition, specialist s in the Public Service are entitled to a pensionable allowance of Rs.2000 /- per month.

03. The Salaries & Cadres Committee had determined the allowance payable to a medical teacher as follows:-

P.A. Circular 387

387 UGC Circular 368

Initial salary in the Pensionable Allowance Ministry of Health Allowance

Initial salary of Allowance Snr.Lecturer,Gr.11 recommended to in University a Uni. Medical Teacher

The Salaries & Cadres Committee has determined the allowance of Rs.5400/- taking into consideration as an example , the initial salary of a Senior Lecturer, Grade II (Rs.4600/-) as compared to the initial salary of a specialist in the Ministries of Health & Teaching Hospitals. (Rs.8000/-)

04.The teachers who are entitled to receive such an allowance would be those in the Grade of Senior Lecturer

(Grade II) and above in the Faculties of Medicine and those in the Grade of Lecturer and above in the Faculty of Dental Science? who have obtained any one or more of the qualifications listed in paragraph 05.

(i) Teachers in the Faculties of Medicine:

Prior to 1980 - MRCP, FRCS, MRCOG, MRC(Path), MRC(Psy), FFARCS, FFRRCS (Radiology) & PhD

After 1980 - MD, MS (C'bo) (PGIM Board Certified) & PhD

(ii) Teacher s in the Faculty of Dental Sciences

Prior to 1980 - FDRCS

After 1980 - MD , MS(Dental Surgery) (C'bo) (PGIM Board Certified) & PhD

teachers in the Faculties of Medicine and Dentistry who do not possess the above qualifications will continue to draw the salaries specified in Commission Circular No.368.

06 . The allowance payable to each teacher should be determined by reference to the approved qualification s he has obtained and referred to in paragraph 05. Credit should be given to every year of service as a teacher after obtaining the prescribed qualification and promotion t o Senior Lecturer (Grade II) or Lecturer in Dentistry,

07. Where a teacher in the Faculty of Medicine or Dental Sciences obtains the special is t qualification referred to in paragraph 05 while serving at a University salary point which is higher than the initial of the salary scale applicable to the specialists in Ministries of Health & teaching Hospitals, then the salary he is drawing should be treated as personal to him and the difference, if any, may be paid to him as an allowance.

08. The equalization allowance payable to every teacher in the faculties of Medicine and Dental Science ~i should be re-calculated at the time of granting the annual increment. The maximum allowance payable under this Circular will be Rs. 820D /- p.m. and this will annually decline thereafter.

09. The allowance payable under this Circular should not be taken into account in calculating contributions to the Universities Provident Fund, and a 1 a o for computing any other payment.

10. All conditions applicable to specialist medical and dental officers in receipt of the revised salary scales under Public Administration Circular No. 387 will apply to Medical and Dental Teachers. For example, such teachers shall not engage in private/channel practice during University working hours, as may be decided upon by the V ice-Chancellors. They are also debarred from using University Quarters or University premise a for their private/channel practice.

11. All other relevant provisions in Commission Circular No. 36 8 of 17th May 1988 will continue to apply to the teachers in the Faculties of Medicine and Dental Science " where appropriate.

12. The payment o f these allowances is effective from 1st January 1988 . The payment of arrears for the period 1st January to 31st December 1988 will be made after financial provision has been made in the Appropriation Bill of 1989. The Universities are however advised to implement this Circular from January 1989.

13. The Higher Educational Institutions/Institutes are advised to forward a statement indicating extra funds required to implement the proposed allowances to the Accountant/UGC on or before 28th February 1989 to enable the Commission to allocate the funds in consultation with the General Treasury.

14. The Commission has submitted to Government for its consideration proposals for a new unified salary structure for all University Teachers. When these proposals are approved by the Government, their implementation would imply the withdrawal of these allowances at a future date and the adjustment of salaries in conformity with the new unified salary Structure.

15. Any anomalies arising from the implementation of this Circular should be communicated to me for submission to the Commission.

16. This Circular is issued on the direction of the Hon. Minister of Higher Education.