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University Grants Commission - Sri Lanka

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Commission Circular No: 418

31st January, 1990.


Vice-Chancellors of Universities,
Directors of Institutes.


This Circular has been modified by Circular No : 472 | 618

Your attention is drawn to Commission Circulars, Nos. 216 of 8th August 1983, 234 of 10th August 1983, 299 of 20th February 1985 and Establishments Circular Letter No. 3/1984 dated 21st March 1984 issued in connection with the above matter.

The Commission at its 28 at meeting held on 21st November 1989 decided to revise with effect 01.01.1990 the travelling allowance payable to the Members of the UGC, Governing Authorities, and Academic and Administrative staff of the Higher Educational Institutions/Inatitutes in view of the fact that the P.A. Circular contained certain restrictions which will be inconvenient to the staff of the Universities :-

(1) Outside members attending meeting of the UGC and Higher Educational Institutionc/Institutes and for funtioning as visiting lectures :

Rs.6/- per mile for travelling in one's own private car irrespective of the mileage.

(2) Members of the acadamic and administrative staff of the UGC and the Higher Educational Institutions/Institutes for attending meeting, travelling, for other official duties and for functioning as Visiting Lectures

Rs.6/- per mile upto 30 miles and Rs.4/- upto the next 150 miles and the balance mileage be paid at Rs.2/- per mile, for travelling in one's own private car.

(3) Travelling by Public Transport

Travelling by public transport or any other means, other than one's private car : Rs.1/50 per mile.


(Mrs. CS Karunaratne - Acting Secretary)


  • Chairman/UGC
  • Vice-Chairman/UGC
  • Members of the UGC
  • Secretary/UGC
  • Deans of Fulculties
  • Registrars of Universites
  • financial Controller/UGC
  • Bursars of Universities
  • Librarians/SAL/AL of the Higher Educational Institutions/Institutes ;
  • Snr.Asst.Registrars/Asst.Registrars of HEIs /Campuses
  • Snr.Asst.Bursars/Asst.Bursars of HEI a/Campuses
  • Chief Internal Audi tor/UGC
  • Govt. Audit Superintendents of Universities
  • Snr.Asst.Int. Auditors/Asst.Int.Auditors of HEIs
  • Secretaries of Trade Unions
  • Auditor-General

File No: UGC/E/6/9/41