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University Grants Commission - Sri Lanka

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Commission Circular No: 420

5th February, 1990.


Vice-Chancellors of Universities,
Directors of Institutes.


This Circular has been modified by Circular No : 463

Your attention is drawn to Commission Circular No.396 dated 28 th April 1989 issued in respect of the above matter. The University Grants Commission, at its meeting held on 9th January 1989 decided to make a further clarification of Sections 06(b) to (e) of the above Circular as follows :-

1. An Assistant Lecturer (B-05) (probationary) who has completed one year of satisfactory service as certified by the Head of the Department and the Dean of the Faculty could be designated as Lecturer (Probationary) and be placed on the scale of B-04 (Rs. 4500-10x200-6500 p.m.)

2. A Lecturer (Probationary), who is placed on the salary scale of B-04 (Rs.4500-10x200-6500 p.m.) should obtain the required postgraduate Qualifications for promotion to Senior Lecturer, Grade II (B-03) and should have served for a minimum period of 05 years satisfactorily as Lecturer and Probationary Lecturer before being promoted to Senior Lecturer Grade II.

3. However, a Lecturer (Probationary), who has obtained a 2 year research degree (MSc/MPhil) and who has been confirmed in his post will continue to be designated Lecturer and will be placed on the B-04 (a) scale with a fixed salary of Rs.7500 /-p.m. He/She will have to satisfactorily serve 2 years in the Lecturer Grade and show evidence of further research before he/she could be considered for promotion to Senior Lecturer, Grade II. This requirement will apply to new recruits and those registering for postgraduate degrees after 01.10.1989.

4. For promotion from Senior Lecturer, Grade II (B-03) to Senior Lecturer, Grade I, B-03 (a), the existing scheme which applies for promotion of Lecturer to Senior Lecturer (non-medical) will continue to apply.

5. Medically qualified probationary teachers who have obtained requisite postgraduate qualifications should be re-designated as Lecturer and placed on the B-04 (a) fixed salary of Rs.7500 /-p.m. after confirmation in their posts. They should be promoted to Senior Lecturer, Grade II provided they have been Board certified by the PGIM. The effective date of their promotion should be backdated to the effective date of Board Certification by the PGIM.


(Mrs. CS Karunaratne - Acting Secretary)


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