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University Grants Commission - Sri Lanka

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Circulars Published in 2014 - [01/2014 - 13/2014]

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1 Comm. Circular 13/2014 : Payment of the balance of interim allowance paid to Non-Academic Non-Administrative staff
2 Comm. Circular 12/2014 : Payment of an interim allowance to the staff of the Government Corporations and Statutory Boards as per Budget Proposals - 2015
3 Comm. Circular 03/2014 (i) : Relief offered to re-join the University system for those Academic Staff members who have violated bonds and agreements
4 Comm. Circular 11/2014 : Payment to Personal Assistants/Book Binders in charge of Record Rooms/Office Machine Operators/Stenographers
5 Comm. Circular 10/2014 : Payment made to the persons who write the names in the degree certificates of universities
6 Comm. Circular 09/2014 : Granting of salary increments on stagnation at the maximum step of the salary scale
7 Comm. Circular 08/2014 : Rates of payments to the staff for conducting written examinations/ trade test/ interview for recruitment and promotions of staff to non-academic posts
8 Comm. Circular 07/2014 : Payment of an additional monthly allowance to the university staff
9 Comm. Circular 06/2014 : Composition of Selection Committees for the post of Senior Professor and the post of Professor or Librarian in Institutes
10 Comm. Circular 05/2014 : Scheme of Recruitment for the Posts of AS/AR/SAS/SAR and DS/DR
11 Comm. Circular 04/2014 : Schemes of recruitment/promotion for Associate Professor, Professor & Senior Professor
12 Comm. Circular 03/2014 : Relief offered to re-join the university system for those academic staff members who have violated bonds and agreements
13 Comm. Circular 02/2014 : Revision of cost of living allowance as per the budget proposals -2014
14 Comm. Circular 01/2014 : Revision of Academic Allowance in terms of the Budget Proposals - 2014

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